The primary purpose of our Over 60 group is to allow us older guys to continue to play the game that we love, with friends of our own age, as long as physically possible. So, we have some fellas who can still motor pretty well, and some other guys who wished that they still could. And both are equally welcome!

To facilitate this, we have secured a lighted regulation size field at Beasley Fields, in Winfield for Monday nights from April until early October. And because friendship is more important at this point in our lives than the score, we have a social after the game once a month, consisting of great food and refreshments provided by our volunteers.

At this point, after a few short years, we now have enough players to form two teams of 11 each. We also have a scrimmage group.
And once the scrimmage group has enough players, we will have 4 teams in total, enough for our over 60 League!

Please call is you are interested in playing!