R&B Rented Mules vs Soccer United

R&B Rented Mules vs Soccer United: 1 - 6

Date: May 13, 2019 Venue: Mission Sports Fields 10, 6:30pm
Home: R&B Rented Mules Away: Soccer United
Goals R&B Rented Mules:
» Michel Anhe Amoua: 1
Goals Soccer United:
» Mike Bertoia: 4
» Save Keteca: 1
» Pablo Ruiz-Santacruz: 1
Cards R&B Rented Mules:
John Farina (VC)
Cards Soccer United:
Game Report by R&B Rented Mules: Game Report by Soccer United:
No report submitted.

Soccer United 6 vs. Rented Mules 1. At Mission 10 in Kelowna, Soccer United scored the only goal of the half 20 minutes into the game when Mike Bertoia headed a chip pass over to Save Keteca at the far side, who deftly finished it. The Mules almost tied it up but were denied by the crossbar. Pablo Ruiz-Santacruz cruised by a defender, drove to the net and calmly fired a low shot to double the lead. While United tried to penetrate the Mules’ back line, solid defending and goalkeeping kept the game close...until a Mules player received a red card and put his team a man short. True to his team’s name, he mule kicked a Soccer United player in front of the referee. Shortly after, Mike Bertoia capitalized with 4 goals - some of which included a nicely placed shot from 20 yards out and a sliding tip into the net. He could have come away with 5 had he taken a first half penalty shot. Instead, an unnamed United player that took the kick was either psyched out by The Rented Mules keeper’s positioning or else his vision was impaired due to his foggy goggles. The Mules’ lone goal came from an indirect free kick when United’s substitute keeper and sponsor went to pick up a pass back from his defender. Despite his age, he still seems to be learning the rules. Michel Amoua chipped a shot over the wall and into the far side of the net, fooling the out of position keeper who was preoccupied protecting his handsome face, as he was crouched down and hiding behind the wall.