Interior Beverages vs Real JVL

Interior Beverages vs Real JVL: 6 - 4

Date: May 13, 2019 Venue: Mission Sports Fields 9, 8:00pm
Home: Interior Beverages Away: Real JVL
Goals Interior Beverages:
» Steve Frost: 2
» Chris Purnell: 2
» Joseph Kimpian: 1
» Derek Moody: 1
Goals Real JVL:
» Rickard Branby: 3
» Andy Woodward: 1
Cards Interior Beverages:
Cards Real JVL:
Game Report by Interior Beverages: Game Report by Real JVL:
It was a real barn burner under the lights for IB and Real JVL. IB opened up the scoring with two quick goals, but JVL battled back. After pressuring hard and hitting the crossbar twice, JVL scored a beauty and came to within one at half time. The battle didn't end there, as every time IB scored, JVL would counter and come to within a goal. IB keeper, David Gadd, made a few clutch saves, and JVL keeper, Jay Christensen, kept the game close by saving several breakaways and a penalty shot. Singles from Derek Moody and Sam Kimpian, doubles from Steve Frost and Chris Purnell help IB keep the lead, but a hat-trick from Rickard Branby and a single from Andy Woodward kept the game close. Final score: IB - 6, Real JVL - 4.
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