RPM Automotive vs Brandt's Creek

RPM Automotive vs Brandt's Creek: 7 - 1

Date: June 26, 2017 Venue: Parkinson Rec. Centre 16, 7:00pm
Home: RPM Automotive Away: Brandt's Creek
Goals RPM Automotive:
» Roger Russell: 3
» Steve Tamaki: 2
» Claudio Dibiase: 1
» Doug Roth: 1
Goals Brandt's Creek:
» Blair Gautschi: 1
Cards RPM Automotive:
Colin Richardson (UB)
Mitch Stinson (UB)
Cards Brandt's Creek:
Jason Bell (UB)
Blair Gautschi (UB)
Glenn McCrae (UB)
Chad Wardman (DT)
Colin Bennett (2CT)
Colin Bennett (AOILO)
Keith Seager (2CT)
Game Report by RPM Automotive: Game Report by Brandt's Creek:
Rpm came out firing on all cylinders and opened up an early lead and continued a relentless attack putting them up 4-0 at the half.
maybe it was the heat but tempers flared on the brandts side which had a player ejected to be followed by a second ejection after a flagrant foul.
rpm put another 3 goals on the sheet with Brandt'replying on a determined effort by Blair Gautschi.goals by rpm were Roger Russell with3, Jason Jennens with2, and Claudio Dibiase and Doug Roth each with 1.final score rpm 7, Brandts 1.
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