Tree Brewing vs Penticton

Tree Brewing vs Penticton: 3 - 0

Date: July 16, 2018 Venue: City Park , 7:00pm
Home: Tree Brewing Away: Penticton
Goals Tree Brewing:
» Vinnie Delgado: 1
» Joseph Kimpian: 1
» Dave Short: 1
Goals Penticton:
Cards Tree Brewing:
Vinnie Delgado (UB)
Derek Moody (ST)
Cards Penticton:
Game Report by Tree Brewing: Game Report by Penticton:
On a hot night at city park both teams were feeling the heat. Tree brewing came out playing a more defensive game and waited for their chance to counter attack. Vinnie Delgado opened the scoring on a 30 yard free kick into the top corner which gave Tree the 1-0 lead. Dave short made it 2-0 and then Joseph Kimpian finished it off to seal the win for Tree 3-0. David Gadd was steady in the net and made some key saves at the right time.
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