Turn-Key Controls vs Brown Benefits

Turn-Key Controls vs Brown Benefits: 1 - 1

Date: July 9, 2018 Venue: Marshall Sports Fields 1, 7:00pm
Home: Turn-Key Controls Away: Brown Benefits
Goals Turn-Key Controls:
» Ruben Cervantes: 1
Goals Brown Benefits:
» Kelly Sherman: 1
Cards Turn-Key Controls:
Ian Butler (UB)
Cards Brown Benefits:
Larry Kinakin (PI)
Game Report by Turn-Key Controls: Game Report by Brown Benefits:
Turnkey -1 Browns -1
Penalty kick Brown's goal first half
Turnkey goal - Ruben Cervantes second half.
Turnkey Keeper Mike Moorlag - Played an outstanding game, making amazing saves, especially high to the corner free kick.
The top of the table clash between Turn-Key Controls and Brown Benefits ended leaving more questions than answers as the teams battled to a 1-1 draw in Vernon. Kelly Sherman opened the scoring early in the match when he converted a penalty after being fouled in the box. Turn-Key keeper Mike Moorlag provided a series of outstanding saves including denying Sherman on two breakaways and an amazing fingertip save on a Tim Goward free kick that was labelled for the top corner. The game continued to go back and forth into the second half and Browns keeper Gord Regan made his own set of great saves but a defensive miscue gave Ruben Cervantes a chance to pass to John Orton who scored from close range. The midfield battle raged on until the final whistle with both teams having chances to win the match.