Turn-Key Controls vs Real JVL

Turn-Key Controls vs Real JVL: 9 - 0

Date: May 15, 2017 Venue: MacDonald Park East, 6:30pm
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Goals Turn-Key Controls:
» Bryan Schenker: 3
» Jeff Nice: 2
» Ruben Cervantes: 1
» Duane Dennis: 1
» Mark Wasylyk: 1
Goals Real JVL:
Cards Turn-Key Controls:
Cards Real JVL:
Game Report by Turn-Key Controls: Game Report by Real JVL:
Turn-Key controls beat Real JVL 9-0. Man of the match Jeff Nice showed some dazzling passing skills combined with lethal finishing and ended the game with 2 goals and 2 assists. Bryan Schenker scored 3 times in the first half. The goal of the night was scored in the second half by Ruben Cervantes who chested down a long pass from Ian Bos before sending a bullet into the top corner.
Mark Wasylyk and Duane Dennis both scored once while an own goal of the unfortunate JVL crew completed the scoring.
The Turn-Key back-line -marshaled by Steve Fitzpatrick, Steve Coombs and Jason Beck- was rock solid all game.
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