Rented Mules vs Soccer United

Rented Mules vs Soccer United: 0 - 3

Date: May 8, 2017 Venue: City Park South, 6:30pm
Home: Rented Mules Away: Soccer United
Goals Rented Mules:
Goals Soccer United:
» Mike Bertoia: 1
» Vinicio Delgado: 1
» Walter Morel: 1
Cards Rented Mules:
Cards Soccer United:
Game Report by Rented Mules: Game Report by Soccer United:
No report submitted.

Soccer United 3 vs. Rented Mules 0. Soccer United remained undefeated with a win at Kelowna City Park. Goal scorers were Vinicio Delgado, Mike Bertoia, and Walter Morel. The Mules were not able to rent any more players for the game, as they started with 10 men and thankfully made it 11 with a latecomer. However, not everyone was healthy, as they finished the game with 9 men, some of which were still nursing injuries and probably should not have been on the pitch. In a good show of sportsmanship, both teams agreed to end the game early once the required time was played.