R&B Rented Mules vs Brandt's Creek

R&B Rented Mules vs Brandt's Creek: 0 - 4

Date: April 16, 2018 Venue: Parkinson Rec. Centre 9, 6:15pm
Home: R&B Rented Mules Away: Brandt's Creek
Goals R&B Rented Mules:
Goals Brandt's Creek:
» Brad Grainge: 2
» Scott Shepherd: 2
Cards R&B Rented Mules:
Clarke Burnett (ST)
Cards Brandt's Creek:
Derek Powley (UB)
Andrew Stevenson (UB)
Game Report by R&B Rented Mules: Game Report by Brandt's Creek:
No report submitted.

The game between Rented Mules and Brandts Creek kicked off the new season with dark skies and threats of rain at Parkinson 9. Brandts were soon on the attack with shots flying towards the goal but not in it! The team looking a bit rusty to mention no names! The pressure built up on RM, but it was when the mules had some posession up the other end that Brandts were able to capitalise on when it broke down. Brad Grainge turned his marker on the left wing and with the ball ahead of him was able to hold off the defender to run and slot the ball under the keeper for 1-0.
Brandts continued to attack but the score stayed the same until the second half, new summer recruit Chris Amason made a good run down the left and crossed the ball to the back post when after a scurry Grainge poked the ball home.
The match continued in the same vein with Brandts attacking with RM trying to counter attack if given the chance. RM best chance came with a ball down the middle to the forward who ran on into the box and clashed with a defender and went down. The referee decided it was a penalty but Lee Ewen made a great save on his debut .Brandts also welcomed back Andy Stevenson out for all of last season the referee even gave him a welcome card, A yellow Card! for a late challenge. In the last 25 minutes the away team added 2 more goals through another newcomer Scott Shepherd, on both occasions the ball being moved from left to right smartly to find space for the cool finish. The game ended 4-0.