Turn-Key Controls vs Tree Brewing

Turn-Key Controls vs Tree Brewing: 4 - 1

Date: September 18, 2017 Venue: Beasley Sports Fields , 6:00pm
Home: Turn-Key Controls Away: Tree Brewing
Goals Turn-Key Controls:
» Bryan Schenker: 2
» Henry Czerwonka: 1
» Jeff Nice: 1
Goals Tree Brewing:
» Steve Frost: 1
Cards Turn-Key Controls:
Cards Tree Brewing:
Glen Heagle (DR)
Game Report by Turn-Key Controls: Game Report by Tree Brewing:
Turnkey-4- Tree brewing -1

Turnkey goal scorers Bryan Schenker 2, Jeff Nice -1. Henry Czewonka -1

Turnkey keeper - Mike Moorlag.
Turnkey Players of game shared by Clint Dickenson, and Bryan Schenker.
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