Tree Brewing vs Bosman

Tree Brewing vs Bosman: 2 - 2

Date: May 14, 2018 Venue: Parkinson Rec. Centre 9, 6:30pm
Home: Tree Brewing Away: Bosman
Goals Tree Brewing:
» Joseph Kimpian: 1
» Eduard Martinez: 1
Goals Bosman:
» Mike Grace: 1
» David Howes: 1
Cards Tree Brewing:
Paul Charleton (UB)
Roland Guebert (ST)
Joseph Kimpian (DR)
Cards Bosman:
Game Report by Tree Brewing: Game Report by Bosman:
It was a night of Ripleys believe it or not.

We hit 4 goal posts.
2 goals called back.
Missed a penalty shot

Bosman had goals from Mike Grace and David Howes.
Tree had goals from Sammi Kimpian and Eduard Martinez.
Tree went ahead on a goal by Roland Guebert but minutes later the referee decided that it was a slide tackle???????????? But the player never slid. Then to add insult to injury he gave the player a yellow for a slide tackle that never happened.

Then Tree got a penalty shot that Yogi Kongsdorf saved and Bosman got their point. Yogi was the player of the match as he held Bosman in the game.

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