Tree Brewing vs Penticton

Tree Brewing vs Penticton: 2 - 3

Date: August 28, 2017 Venue: Parkinson Rec. Centre 14, 6:15pm
Home: Tree Brewing Away: Penticton
Goals Tree Brewing:
» Dave Short: 2
Goals Penticton:
» Mauricio Cepeda: 2
» Jon Padgett: 1
Cards Tree Brewing:
Paul Connors (UB)
Tony Overtons (UB)
Julien Vernet (PI)
Cards Penticton:
Game Report by Tree Brewing: Game Report by Penticton:
Close game at Parkinson. Tree brewing opened the scoring early on a goal by Dave Short. Penticton responded in the first half and then Tree brewing scored again by Dave Short. Penticton shortly after tied it up. Then midway thru second half Penticton went ahead for good. Tree Brewing pressed and had some good chances but could not tie it up.. Goals by Penticton, 2 by Mauricio Cepeda and one by Jon Padgett. Final score 3-2
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