Bosman vs Brandt's Creek

Bosman vs Brandt's Creek: 0 - 3

Date: August 14, 2017 Venue: Marshall Sports Fields 3, 6:30pm
Home: Bosman Away: Brandt's Creek
Goals Bosman:
Goals Brandt's Creek:
» Patrick Groening: 1
» Jason Pither : 1
» Keith Seager: 1
Cards Bosman:
Randy Driediger (ST)
David Howes (UB)
Cards Brandt's Creek:
Patrick Groening (ST)
Vincent Jones (UB)
Game Report by Bosman: Game Report by Brandt's Creek:
No report submitted.

At the risk of sounding like a stuck record...Short handed Brandt's started the game with 10 men but kept things tight until the 11th man made it on to the field. Once it was 11 v 11 Brandt's were the more creative team while Bosman tried to hit with quick counters. Keith Seager showed great control and strength to keep the ball inside the Bosman box, and then laid it back for Jason Pither to crash home the opening goal. 0 - 1 at the half.
Second half saw Bosman come out strongly looking for the equaliser. After 10 mins Brandt's steadied the ship again and the game was fairly even. Chances came and went for both teams with Wayne Logan in the Brandt's goal pulling off 4 great saves to deign Bosman a goal. Brandt's finally converted a second with Keith Seager poking the ball past the keeper, and a few mins later the game was over when the ball ricocheted around the Bosman box and finally went in off a defenders legs. Final score 0 - 3