Penticton vs Turn-Key Controls

Penticton vs Turn-Key Controls: 7 - 2

Date: August 14, 2017 Venue: Parkinson Rec. Centre 16, 6:30pm
Home: Penticton Away: Turn-Key Controls
Goals Penticton:
» Mauricio Cepeda: 2
» Chad Henderson: 2
» Jon Padgett: 2
» Adrian Mcluskey: 1
Goals Turn-Key Controls:
» Duane Dennis: 1
» Jeff Nice: 1
Cards Penticton:
Adrian Mcluskey (DT)
Cards Turn-Key Controls:
Game Report by Penticton: Game Report by Turn-Key Controls:
Penticton was in the mood to score goals. Turn-Key kept it close in the first half at 4-2 for Penticton then the flood gates opened. Scoring 3 more goals to make it a 7-2 final. Goal scorers for Penticton were Mauricio Cepeda x 2, Jon Padgett x 2, Chad Henderson x 2 and Adrian McCluskey. Turn-Key scorers were Jeff Nice and Duane Dennis. Tom McGill played well in net for Penticton
Penticton 7 -Turnkey -2

Turnkey goals -= Dwayne Dennis -1
Jeff Nice -1 penalty kick

Turnkey - goalie - Mike Moorlag