Bosman vs Penticton

Bosman vs Penticton: 1 - 12

Date: July 31, 2017 Venue: Parkinson Rec. Centre 16, 6:30pm
Home: Bosman Away: Penticton
Goals Bosman:
» David Howes: 1
Goals Penticton:
» Chad Henderson: 5
» Mauricio Cepeda: 3
» Mike Beliveau: 1
» Yann Calmets: 1
» Shawn Goodsell: 1
» Jon Padgett: 1
Cards Bosman:
David Howes (UB)
Dan Rogers (UB)
Cards Penticton:
Mauricio Cepeda (UB)
Game Report by Bosman: Game Report by Penticton:
No report submitted.

Penticton 12 vs Bosman 1

Chad Henderson x4, Mauricio Cepeda x3, Shawn Goodsell x2, Mike Beliveau x1, Jon Padgett x1, and Yann Calmats x1. Penticton were in the mood to play. They scored early and often to take Bosman out of the game.