Brandt's Creek vs Penticton

Brandt's Creek vs Penticton: 2 - 4

Date: July 24, 2017 Venue: Parkinson Rec. Centre 9, 7:00pm
Home: Brandt's Creek Away: Penticton
Goals Brandt's Creek:
» Jason Bell: 1
» Graham Matthews: 1
Goals Penticton:
» Brian Johnston: 2
» Adrian Mcluskey: 1
» Jon Padgett: 1
Cards Brandt's Creek:
Jason Bell (ST)
Graham Matthews (DR)
Floyd Ryan (DT)
Cards Penticton:
Michael Osland (ST)
Jon Padgett (DT)
Game Report by Brandt's Creek: Game Report by Penticton:
Brandt's 2 Pentiction 4
Brandt's opened the scoring to take an early 1-0 lead, but that seemed to awaken a quiet Penticton team. Penticton awoke and rattled off the next 3 goals. Jon Padgett with one and Brian Johnston with 2 goals. Second half saw Brandt's hit one back but Adrian McKluskey scored a decisive 4th goal to seal the win for Penticton FC