Real JVL vs Kal Tire FC

Real JVL vs Kal Tire FC: no result available

Date: April 22, 2019 Venue: Beasley Sports Fields 2, 7:00pm
Home: Real JVL Away: Kal Tire FC
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Goals Kal Tire FC:
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Game Report by Real JVL: Game Report by Kal Tire FC:
Last night's fixture in Lake Country featured top of the table Kal Tire FC against Real JVL. Suffering from a rash of early season injuries and facing a high-scoring opponent, the goal of JVL was pretty straightforward: play defensively, attack on the counter, and avoid a humiliating, lopsided spanking. That carefully devised plan was placed in serious jeopardy early in the game when two JVL players went off with injury, leaving them with one sub, against an opponent with 8-9 subs on the bench.

If success is measured by achieving one's goal, then JVL was the real winner here. But of course that’s not how it works, and the final score was 4-1 in favour of Kal Tire (scorers were Mike Bertram, Parm Kler, John Orton, and Bryan Schenker). Man of the match for JVL was Chris Skibington, who played 90 minutes as striker and cut a lonely figure in white surrounded by a sea of pale blue. But he worked his butt off, gave JVL the outlet up top that was needed, and scored on what was possibly his only shot on goal.

Kal-Tire labored to a 4-1 win over JVL. Ian Bos opened the scoring with a well-placed shot that rang in via the far post. John Orton doubled the lead with a cool finish after a great pass by Duane Dennis. Just before half-time, Bryan Schenker added a third, connecting on a cross by Bobby Zalcik.
The game was more even after the break. JVL scored after a miscommunication in the Kal-Tire back-line and came close to a second goal.
Defender Mike Bertram put the game away with a tap-in at the far post after a scramble in the box. JVL-goalie Christensen stopped a penalty kick in the final minutes.