Bosman vs Mission Cleaners

Bosman vs Mission Cleaners: 0 - 5

Date: April 23, 2018 Venue: MacDonald Park 1, 6:30pm
Home: Bosman Away: Mission Cleaners
Goals Bosman:
Goals Mission Cleaners:
» Dave Jenkinson: 2
» Chris Messent: 1
» Gigi Moldovan: 1
» Steve Sankey: 1
Cards Bosman:
Cards Mission Cleaners:
Game Report by Bosman: Game Report by Mission Cleaners:
Bosman Accounting played against Mission Cleaners at Mac Donald Park in Vernon. Bosman has a lot of new additions to the team and it was obvious that the team didn't have playing minutes together. Some good combinations, but not as fluent as the young and always strong Mission team. It was 0-4 at half time and the end result was 0-5. Bosman got better during the game and ended the last 15 minutes with a lot of pressure on the Mission defense. Keeper Yogi Kongsdorff had a few brilliant saves, but man of the match for the accountants was right back Alex Yakovlev with a lot of great tackles and interceptions and good passing.
Mission Cleaners started the game fast with a quick goal and continued the first half with heavy pressure. By the end of the first half Mission Cleaners had a solid 3 goal lead. In the second half it was Bosmans turn to put the pressure on and put Mission Cleaners on its heals. Mission Cleaners held and the half continued with back and forth play. Mission Cleaners did manage two more goal to finish the game.
Martin Jakobsson in net had the shut out
Gigi Moldovan, steve sankey, chris messent, with a goal and Dave Jenkinson with 2.

Mission Cleaners 5
Bosman 0