Brown Benefits 55 vs Raiders

Brown Benefits 55 vs Raiders: 1 - 0

Date: May 17, 2018 Venue: Mission Sports Fields 10, 6:30pm
Home: Brown Benefits 55 Away: Raiders
Goals Brown Benefits 55:
» Don Brown: 1
Goals Raiders:
Cards Brown Benefits 55:
Colin Burton (UB)
Franklin Leon (UB)
Cards Raiders:
Game Report by Brown Benefits 55: Game Report by Raiders:
"Brown Benefits keep Raiders away"

Raiders won pitch advantage with the wind and sun on their side. In the first 10 minutes it was all Raiders, they came out striking. Goalie Marty Vince kept our Brown Benefits in the game with two unbelievable saves. 0-0 at the end of the half, fears of repeat Summerland game weighing heavy on the minds of Brown's players. Second half Brown Benefits had taken the wind and the sun advantage. Raider's keeper made easy work of Browns scoring chances. However, the Browns kept on coming. With ten minutes left in the game and Brown Benefits scored. Beautiful cross by Darryl Hazell to Don Brown's head. Don placed a high lobbing ball over the Raiders keeper to find the back of the net. Raider's players were energized but Brown's Mike Daley made a few great defensive blocks. In the last minute, Raiders keeper palmed a fantastic strike that had goal written all over it. Well-kept pitch and outstand officiating the score was only 1-0 with only 2 yellow cards. Great evening for Over 55 football.
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