Brandt's Creek vs Real JVL

Brandt's Creek vs Real JVL: 4 - 0

Date: July 10, 2017 Venue: Parkinson Rec. Centre 16, 7:00pm
Home: Brandt's Creek Away: Real JVL
Goals Brandt's Creek:
» Chad Wardman: 3
» Blair Gautschi: 1
Goals Real JVL:
Cards Brandt's Creek:
Cards Real JVL:
Vic Lima (UB)
Brian McDonald (UB)
Game Report by Brandt's Creek: Game Report by Real JVL:
Brandt's 4 JVL 0
After the smokey skies cleared brandts and real jvl took to the field. It was an evenly played match with brandts having ample opportunities to score missing a penalty just over the crossbar. Chad wardman scored brandts first two goals to make it 2-0 at the half. Blair gautschi would tack on another goal when brandts moved forward and played the passing game with Chad wardman assisting Blair gautschi making it 3-0. Brandts would end the scoring of the evening on a penalty taken by Chad wardman to complete his hat trick. Final score 4-0 for the pubbers
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