Summerland vs Brown Benefits 55

Summerland vs Brown Benefits 55: 0 - 0

Date: May 10, 2018 Venue: Dale Meadows Field , 7:00pm
Home: Summerland Away: Brown Benefits 55
Goals Summerland:
Goals Brown Benefits 55:
Cards Summerland:
Andy Burt (UB)
Cards Brown Benefits 55:
Game Report by Summerland: Game Report by Brown Benefits 55:
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"Summerland with 10 men and 1 official that kept Brown Benefits from leaving their mark on the game-sheet." Summerland's defenders had to work overtime while Summerland's goalie was voted MVP, outstanding goal tending by the keeper. 0-0 score for a clean-sheet on both sides. Lite rain created a slippery pitch that was too much for both teams. Brown Benefits had a few good scoring opportunities but could not capitalize on any of their chances. Summerland had officiating luck on their side. Two slide tackles and one hand ball were in the box but the official did not see it that way. Major foul in the second half sent a clear message and a direct yellow card was given to Summerland.