Silver Stars vs Brown Benefits 55

Silver Stars vs Brown Benefits 55: 1 - 5

Date: May 3, 2018 Venue: MacDonald Park 1, 6:30pm
Home: Silver Stars Away: Brown Benefits 55
Goals Silver Stars:
Goals Brown Benefits 55:
» Tony Gonzales: 2
» Don Brown: 1
» Ben Vos: 1
Cards Silver Stars:
Cards Brown Benefits 55:
Game Report by Silver Stars: Game Report by Brown Benefits 55:
No report submitted.

“Brown Benefits 55 take the early lead!” We received the wind and the sun advantage, scoring 3 unanswered goals by the first half. Don Brown received full credit for a Silver Star own goal and Ben Vos also scored from a spin around strike. By the middle of the second it was Silver Stars turn to take advantage and turn the game around. Randy Dredger scored from a Silver Star free kick. Silver Star had most of ball possession, however that did not stop Tony Gonzales from striking for his first hat-trick. Tony’s amazing athletic goal off of Yogi’s clearance had everyone awestruck. Team Brown Benefits 55 answered back two more times in the second half to seal the win at 5-1