Turn-Key Controls vs Penticton

Turn-Key Controls vs Penticton: 2 - 4

Date: July 3, 2017 Venue: Parkinson Rec. Centre 16, 7:00pm
Home: Turn-Key Controls Away: Penticton
Goals Turn-Key Controls:
» Mike Adams: 1
» Bryan Schenker: 1
Goals Penticton:
» Mauricio Cepeda: 2
» Jon Padgett: 2
Cards Turn-Key Controls:
Chris Arneson (UB)
Steve Coombs (DT)
Cards Penticton:
Adrian Mcluskey (DT)
Gord Wurflinger (UB)
Game Report by Turn-Key Controls: Game Report by Penticton:
Turn-Key took an early lead when Schenker finished a dribble with a low hard shot in the corner. The game was fairly even until late in the first half when Turn-Key lost key defender Jason Beck with a hamstring injury. Penticton leveled after a quickly taken free kick and took the lead just before half time. Right after that Turn-Key lost two more players due to injuries and from there talented Penticton squad cruised and scored two more goals.
Mike Adams got a late goal for Tun-Key after a scramble in the box. Turn Key had a few more opportunities to score in the final minutes with a free kick sailing just over the bar and two shots saved by the outstanding Penticon goal keeper.
Steve Fitzpatrick and Rick Danyluk both played extremely well on the Turn-Key back-line with no subs available.
It was a very warm night and a very close battle, but Penticton came out as 4-2 winners. Turn-Key opened the scoring within 2 minutes with a nice Brian Schenker shot. Penticton replied within 10 minutes through Mauricio Cepeda. A late 1st half goal and second of game by Maurcio Cepeda took Penticton into the half 2-1. The second half saw Penticton play with purpose and got 2 more goals from Jon Padgett and his second a PK. At 4-1 Penticton went into cruise control but a fabulous breakaway save from Norm Peter help preserve the lead. Turn-Key did score a late consolation goal but the game ended 4-2