Turn-Key Controls vs Rented Mules

Turn-Key Controls vs Rented Mules: 5 - 0

Date: June 26, 2017 Venue: Marshall Sports Fields 1, 7:00pm
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Goals Turn-Key Controls:
» Jeff Nice: 2
» Jason Beck: 1
» Volker Otto: 1
» Bryan Schenker: 1
Goals Rented Mules:
Cards Turn-Key Controls:
Cards Rented Mules:
Game Report by Turn-Key Controls: Game Report by Rented Mules:
Turn Key 5 Rented Mules 0

Crazy wind and hot muggy sunshine in your eyes soccer, A game of the elements causing chaos in such a simple game
TurnKey goals Jeff Nice 2 goals, Volker Otto -1 , Jason Beck -1 and own goal.

May balls over the net and wide and bobbled traps and passes, however a lot of fun and laughs, throughout the game.
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