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Latest results

Home Away Score Report Details
Tree Brewing Bosman 2 - 2
Brown Benefits Mission Cleaners 3 - 1
Mabui R&B Rented Mules 6 - 1
Turn-Key Controls Real JVL 8 - 0
Penticton Mind Smart United 2 - 1
Soccer United Brandt's Creek 4 - 3

Game Report by Tree Brewing:

It was a night of Ripleys believe it or not.

We hit 4 goal posts.
2 goals called back.
Missed a penalty shot

Bosman had goals from Mike Grace and David Howes.
Tree had goals from Sammi Kimpian and Eduard Martinez.
Tree went ahead on a goal by Roland Guebert but minutes later the referee decided that it was a slide tackle???????????? But the player never slid. Then to add insult to injury he gave the player a yellow for a slide tackle that never happened.

Then Tree got a penalty shot that Yogi Kongsdorf saved and Bosman got their point.... Read Full Report

Game Report by Bosman:

No report submitted.

Game Report by Brown Benefits:

No report submitted.

Game Report by Mission Cleaners:

For the second consecutive week The Cleaners had to rally the infirmary to field a squad. This time to take on the leagues top competition in the Browns. The first 30 was played in the middle of the park with neither team creating much in the way of grade A chances. It took a low hard cross that was inadvertently deflected in by a Cleaners defender to open the scoring at the 30 minute mark. Not 10 minutes later it was another low hard ball across the six, but this time it was a Brown's striker, Rob Janke on the end of it making no mistake, slamming it into the roof of the net. 2-0 Browns at half. The Cleaners came... Read Full Report

Game Report by Mabui:

Mabui opened the scoring and controlled much of the play in the first half but a header from Clarke Burnett brought the Mules within 1, but mabui responded with a relentless attack with goals from Jason Jennens, Kevin Roberts, Chad Wardman, James White and Carlos Gutierrez with 2.
final score Mabui 6, Mules1

Game Report by R&B Rented Mules:

No report submitted.

Game Report by Turn-Key Controls:

Turnkey 8 Real JVL - 0
Turnkey goal scoreres Duanae Denis -3 Markl Wasylyk -2 Bryan Schenker-1 Volker Otto -1 Jason Beck -1
Turnkey Keeper Shut out Boobby Zalcik

Game Report by Real JVL:

No report submitted.

Game Report by Penticton:

A very good game in the heat. Mind Smart took the lead before halftime but Penticton came back with two goals in the 2nd half. Darryl Pace and Shawn Goodsell with a last minute winner. Derek Collins gets the win in his debut in net...Penticton FC 2-1

Game Report by Mind Smart United:

No report submitted.

Game Report by Soccer United:

Soccer United 4 vs. Brandt’s Creek 3. Under the lights at Beasley in Lake Country, Soccer United came out strong and struck first when Brad Farrell headed in a cross inside the 6 yard box. United doubled their lead when the cagey Mike Bertoia spotted the keeper out and chipped in a shot from 30 yards out. Brandt’s Jason Bell narrowed the gap when he cracked a shot from 20 yards out into the top corner. Farrell notched his second on a breakaway. Soccer United was unlucky to not score 3 or 4 more in the half and were unable to finish off their opponent. United was without oranges at half time and were caught... Read Full Report

Game Report by Brandt's Creek:

With 5 players making their season debut, Brandt's were caught out early and went 1 down within 3 mins of the start. Utd had the better of the opening 15 mins adding a second but Brandt's did show some signs of a recovery. Around the 20 min mark Jason Bell cracked home from 20 yards. Utd continued to press and notched up 1 more before the half.
Brandt's re-grouped at halftime and after a few positional tweaks, came out with a fast start to the 2nd. With the first 7 minutes Brandt's were level again with some slick passing and great finishes from Mal Nordine and Chris Arnason. It was game on and both sides had... Read Full Report

Schedule May 28, 2018

Home Away Details Docs
Brandt's Creek Turn-Key Controls Kick-off: 7:00
Parkinson Rec. Centre 16
Brown Benefits R&B Rented Mules Kick-off: 7:00
Mission Sports Fields 10
Mission Cleaners Penticton Kick-off: 7:00
City Park
Real JVL Tree Brewing Kick-off: 7:00
Beasley Sports Fields 2
Mabui Soccer United Kick-off: 7:00
Rutland Sports Fields 1
Bosman Mind Smart United Kick-off: 7:00
Marshall Sports Fields 5

Standings 2018

Brown Benefits 5 4 0 1 17 4 13
Turn-Key Controls 4 4 0 0 21 2 12
Penticton 4 3 0 1 15 4 10
Mind Smart United 5 3 1 1 9 4 10
Mission Cleaners 5 3 2 0 13 6 9
Tree Brewing 4 2 1 1 9 7 7
Mabui 5 2 3 0 12 12 6
Soccer United 5 2 3 0 10 18 6
Brandt's Creek 5 1 4 0 9 14 3
R&B Rented Mules 5 1 4 0 4 22 3
Bosman 4 0 3 1 4 14 1
Real JVL 5 0 4 1 3 19 1

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Goal Scorers Table

Player Team Goals
John Orton Turn-Key Controls 5
Tony Gonzales Brown Benefits 4
Jason Jennens Mabui 4
Mark Wasylyk Turn-Key Controls 4
Duane Dennis Turn-Key Controls 4
Brad Grainge Brandt's Creek 3


  • Slide tackling is not permitted and will be punished by a yellow card (if no contact is made with the player) and a red card (if contact is made).
  • In the event of a conflict, the home team must switch to their alternate jerseys.
  • Home teams must send game sheets to Tim Penaluna at within 24 hours of the game.  Teams who fail to comply will be fined $25.
  • All managers must submit game reports for the newspapers to Kevin Mitchell at within 24 hours of the game.
  • Players must be signed by August 1 and have played three games in the league in order to be eligible to play in the playoffs.
  • All players are required to produce a Driver's Licence or photo I.D. upon request.

Fair Play Chart

Yellow cards per team: